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- NEXT CLUB MEETING:  Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(Club Meetings are 1st Wednesday of the month (except June, July, August & September), 7:30 PM at the Coldwell Banker Meeting Room, 824 Gordon St , Guelph.)

- 2015 FUN FLY:  planned for June 20th  (June 27 is the rain date)
- WINGHAM JETS:  July 24, 25 and 26!   Contact Blair Howkins for more information

Located in Guelph, Ontario...


The Guelph Gremlins Model Flying Club is a group of approximately 50 members that share a common interest in flying model aircraft. The goal of the club is to share in the fun and enjoyment of Model Flying, while constantly learning new things from each other! 


Our club prides itself on having an exemplary safety record with an outstanding wings program! Our desire is to keep the hobby alive and well so our members can pass the enjoyment of Model flying on to others!


We have numerous events throughout the year to bring club members together with family and friends.


We are a Proud Member of MAAC!



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